Friday Wrap-up: Continued fighting, ECHR fines and Ganja case proceedings

A look at the news coming out of Azerbaijan in the week of 2-6 November 2020.

The week of 2-6 November saw continued fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, more coronavirus cases, ECHR fines against Azerbaijan and the continuation of the Ganja trial of Yunis Safarov.

Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh continues

This week saw the continuation of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, and civilian areas both inside and outside the region were targets of


. No civilian deaths were reported on the Azerbaijani side, and the government announced on




that fifteen more villages were under Azerbaijani control.


to Reporters without Borders, 80 journalists are trapped in Khankandi (Stepanakert) and cannot leave the city.

We spoke to residents a month on about how the war has changed their lives.

Vox pop: What has changed in your life during the war?

Coronavirus update: 14,257 active cases

On 6 November, 1465 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection were


in Azerbaijan. A total of 62,338 people have been infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan so far. 47,270 have recovered and 811 have died. The number of active patients is 14,257. During the last day, 12,825 tests were conducted in the country, and 1,417,368 tests have been conducted so far.

European Court of Human Rights fines Azerbaijan again

The European Court of Human Rights


Azerbaijan pay Seymur Hazi, Magrub Badalli, Abdulla Yolbarsoy, Mammad Azizov and Murad Adilov a combined total of almost 50,000 Euros. The applicants had all gone to the court claiming they had been tortured by police in Azerbaijan on multiple occasions.

Ganja trial continues

Defendent Yunis Safarov, charged with attempting to assassinate the mayor of Ganja in 2018, along with two other defendants gave testimony at their trial on 4 November. Safarov stated that the attempt would never have happened if the government officials, who are supposed to protect the rights of citizens, had not been indifferent to their complaints. The unsuccessful assassination attempt in July 2020 was followed by riots and a crackdown by the government against many religious Azerbaijanis. Read his full statement [in Azerbaijani]



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