• Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  21 August 2020
    Azerbaijan's beach season, during a pandemic

    The Azerbaijani government has opened the beach season at the end of the summer.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  29 July 2020
    Out of work and without support: Trans* life in Azerbaijan during a pandemic

    Aysu, a trans* woman, was killed in an apartment in the Azerbaijani capital this June.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  13 July 2020
    Living with Dyslexia

    Dyslexia is written speech disorder characterized by difficulty mastering reading. A person with dyslexia has difficulty reading and writing, despite having a level of intellectual and speech development that should sufficient to do so

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  16 June 2020
    Azerbaijan’s fight against a blood shortage

    Why has Azerbaijan come to face a catastrophic shortage of blood in the midst of the lockdown?

  • Author: Tahmina Taghiyeva
    Date:  27 May 2020
    A Domestic Violence Pandemic

    There has been an increase in domestic violence during the lockdown in Azerbaijan, just like in the rest of the world. Isolation and fewer opportunities for assistance make it difficult for victims to receive the help ...

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  22 May 2020
    Coronavirus vs. Azerbaijan's Opposition

    How punishment for violations of the quarantine in Azerbaijan turned into punitive measures

  • Author: OCCRP
    Date:  12 May 2020
    Slaves to Progress

    Few authoritarian states have worked harder than Azerbaijan to leverage major international events to boost their image on the world stage.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  7 April 2020
    "We immediately decided to take the dog with us"

    Animal rights activists were detained after a protest they held in defense of stray animals and taken out of the city.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  1 April 2020
    Women in positions of power: Guarantors of women's rights or just lip service?

    Parliament speaker, first vice-president, and human rights ombudsman - these positions in Azerbaijan are held by women, but will this help resolve gender-related problems in the country?

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  30 March 2020
    Novruz, quarantined

    For the first time in Azerbaijan's history perhaps the most important and beloved holiday in the country is being marked amid a quarantine.