Blogger Mehman Huseynov Released From Custody

On January 10, Huseynov was released after being fined 200 manat for police resistance. 

The blogger claims he was beaten with a baton and tortured by employees of the police station. 

You can watch footage from his release below:


On January 9, blogger and director at SANCAQ Production Mehman Huseynov was taken into police custody. 

His arrest comes shortly after several blogposts exposing the luxury properties of ministers and members of parliament. 

Yesterday, his brother, Emin Huseynov, who is currently abroad, broadcasted live via Sancaq's Facebook page that Mehman had most likely been arrested.

"According to the information I received, while he was walking out of a cafe near Hazi Aslanov and Gogol streets, 5 - 6 unknown persons grabbed him and took him to an unknown location."

He was abducted by plainclothesmen towards 19:30 on Monday. He is currently (11:55) in Nasimi District Court, where he has been charged with resisting police arrest. The hearing is being presided over by Judge Penahov.

Below you can find one such example of Huseynov's work, in which he looks into properties owned by Salim Muslumov - the Chairman of the State Social Protection Fund of the Azerbaijani Republic. 

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