Court rejects Imran Aliyev’s appeal amid allegations of torture

Imran Aliyev. Foto: Meydan TV

In a recent court hearing, the Baku Appellate Court upheld the arrest warrant against Imran Aliyev, social activist and owner of the “” website, despite his claims of torture and coercion.

Aliyev, who faces accusations linked to the AbzasMedia publication, asserted his innocence during proceedings, stating that the charges against him were groundless.

Aliyev’s legal journey began with his detention on April 19, during which he alleges he was subjected to physical abuse and electrocution while in custody. He maintains that these coercive tactics were employed to force him into signing documents. However, authorities have denied these allegations, emphasizing that they lack merit.

The decision to maintain the arrest warrant underscores the ongoing crackdown on independent media in Azerbaijan. Aliyev’s case adds to a series of arrests targeting journalists and media outlets critical of the government, raising concerns about press freedom and human rights in the country.

The broader context of Aliyev’s arrest includes a pattern of government action against individuals associated with media organizations. Cases such as those involving the Kanal 13 Internet TV channel and Toplum TV channel reflect a wider trend in which journalists face legal repercussions for their work.

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