Youth activists’ whereabouts unknown

Onların abidəyə şüar yazdıqları üçün saxlanıldığı ehtimal olunur

Member of Nida Civic Movement, Bayram Mammadov and friend Qiyaseddin Ibrahim, have been missing since the night of May 10th.

Mayday TV was informed of the news by relatives and close ones of the young activists, who are still unaware of their location. The young activists are probably being held by the police. However, 24 hours later, law enforcement authorities have still yet to offer any explanation for their disappearance.

The Baku Municipal Police Office has informed Meydan TV that if the youth are not found within 24 hours, the department will bring the case under its own jurisdiction, but that the families in question should inform police stations nearest to them, first.

It is likely that the youth are being held in the Ministry of Interior Affair’s Department Against Organized Crime. It is suspected that they are responsible for the midnight


on former Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev’s statue that appeared on the eve of the 10th — the ex – president’s birthday.

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