What Bakuvians think about protests in regions

A wave of bread-and-butter protests engulfed Azerbaijani regions this week – from Agjabadi, Fizuli, Siyazan to Quba. But demonstrations over unemployment and skyrocketing prices have so far spared the capital. What do residents of Baku think about the countrywide riots? Will Baku catch the fire of mass protests?

Some respondents polled by Meydan TV appeared sceptical, questioning the utility of protests as a means to achieving social change. “This way doesn’t change anything. God willing, they will be heard if they speak softly. With so much “noise,” no one can actually hear anyone,” one resident said.

“There is no need for protests. They just need to come together and help the government out. That is it,” he added.

But others hope that Baku will follow suit

“It is all happening in the regions, not here. It is quiet here. Everyone is quiet here. We would also like to get together with youth, gather to organize something,” a young man said. “However, I can’t find anyone brave enough here. If I go, three more like-minded people will follow, and in the end I will turn around and find myself alone.”

“We feel positive about it. I think Baku needs to protest as well. The more protests are held, the more prices will go down, I think” another young Bakuvian noted. “Baku isn’t there yet. I am still waiting for Baku to join the protests so that I can go and participate as well.”

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