Unveiling the Figures Behind Push30: Connections, Controversies, and Rapid Success

In Azerbaijan’s sports and fitness sector, a company has emerged with rapid success.

In the realm of Azerbaijan’s sports and fitness sector, a company named Push30 has swiftly gained traction. While the attention often centers on the company’s expansive network of fitness and sports centers, it’s the individuals behind the scenes who have become subjects of interest. With affiliations to the country’s ruling family and a series of noteworthy circumstances, the profiles of these key figures are coming to light.

One of these figures is Adil Faig oglu Gasimov, who has held the position of legal representative for Push30 since its establishment in 2019. The associations he brings into the picture have sparked discussions, considering the possible implications of his connections. Gasimov’s lineage introduces Faig Gasimov, a judge who has presided over cases involving political prisoners. These instances have led to speculations regarding his judicial impartiality.

Gasimov’s counterpart, Rahul D’Mello, adds another layer to the narrative. D’Mello’s ties to the well-regarded Landau School in Baku further accentuate the mix of education and business within this partnership.

Owner Rahul D’Mello and Adil Gasimov – Source: Qafqazinfo

A deeper dive reveals that Gasimov’s connections extend beyond the confines of business. His father, Faig Gasimov, boasts a lengthy career as a judge within Azerbaijan’s legal system. His involvement in cases perceived as politically motivated has raised debates about his decision-making objectivity.

Judge Faig Gasimov – Source: courts.gov.az

The affiliations between Push30 and entities linked to the ruling family have also garnered attention. Notable companies such as Unibank, McDonald’s, Wolt, and Pasha Holding are counted among the company’s partners. The nature of these associations has led to discussions regarding the potential intertwining of political and commercial interests.

Additionally, the relationship between Push30 and Uzbekistan has added a layer of interest to the narrative. The timing of the company’s activities in Uzbekistan in conjunction with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s visits to the country has prompted inquiries into potential connections between business and political engagements.

Meeting of Ilham Aliyev with President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in Samarkand (November 10, 2022) – Source: Azertaj

Push30’s swift registration as a local company in Uzbekistan within three months of President Aliyev’s visit raises questions about the context and motivations surrounding this move. President Aliyev’s multiple visits to Uzbekistan in the same year, particularly his participation in the IX Summit of the Organization of Turkic States, underscores the diplomatic interactions between the two nations.

The signing of contracts between Push30 and several Uzbekistani companies, including fitness centers and enterprises affiliated with the President’s family, has attracted attention. The proximity of these agreements to diplomatic events prompts a closer look at the intersections between business ventures and geopolitical considerations.

Another intriguing angle arises when considering Gasimov’s spouse, Fatima Alisoy Gasimova. Fatima, who started a family with Adil Gasimov in 2016, also noted on her LinkedIn account that she has been working as a project manager at Landau School since February 2020.

Her involvement in the luxury clothing and jewelry enterprises “The Anjir” and “The Anjir21” adds another layer to the narrative. The timing of her ventures alongside the rapid advancement of Push30 warrants further examination.

Fatima Alisoy Gasimova – Source: Instagram

While Push30 commands attention, the storyline is not confined to the company’s operations. Instead, it weaves together a narrative that encompasses political affiliations, familial connections, and business activities. The company’s rapid ascent encourages examination of the nuanced connections between business, politics, and personal relations within Azerbaijan’s multifaceted environment. As the scope of these associations widens, a comprehensive understanding of the individuals steering this endeavor is yet to be fully revealed.

Author: Habib Muntezir

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