The President’s May 28th address: a lesson for the history books

The President’s speech made on Republic Day (May 28th) will, in all likelihood, be included in the history books as a vivid lesson for all school students as a lesson in how to love the Fatherland.

I would like to suggest a short methodology for the Education authorities of the country that should help our teachers make their way through this chef d’oeuvre of oratory made by our Head of State.

In this historical performance, Ilham Aliyev made 3 important statements:

Statement No. 1:

From the very beginning, Ilham Aliyev made it clear that:

“Were it not for my father, were it not for myself and our large family  — there would be no Azerbaijan.”

Younger pupils in our country should learn this maxim as early as possible in their education: “the mafia is immortal.”

Statement No. 2:

In the second part of his speech, the Head of State, for the 18,356th time, addressed the biggest problem in Azerbaijan — that is, the Armenian threat. The main point of the President  was summed up in his 59,761st warning that the patience of the Azerbaijani people is severely limited. Judging by the ovation he received in the hall, these limits are in the right hands.

Older pupils must remember (closer to their retirement age) to remind the grandchild of the current President about the last will of his grandfather.

Statement No. 3:

Finally, steering the discussion towards Azerbaijan’s democratic standards inherited from a general of the KGB, informed the world’s jealous leaders, rotten human rights defenders and sinful journalists that in Azerbaijan, unlike in developed Western countries, no one is cruelly beaten up: no one is insulted, no one’s rights restricted.

This section of the speech should be used in place of admission exams to universities. Students simply have to know: in the police office they are welcomed with music, flowers and a fancy dinner. A smiling police chief will offer to spend 15 unforgettable days with you in a cell which is as comfortable as a presidential hotel number.

And all this without any police clubs shoved up their asses.

This article reflects the opinion of the author and as such may not coincide with that of Meydan TV.

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