Russian Supreme Court Dissolves All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress

The Supreme Court of Russia, having satisfied the suit of the Ministry of Justice, decided to annul registration of the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress (VAK) on May 15. 

The head of the organization Fazil Gurbanov called the court's decision unfair and said that an appeal would be lodged.

In early April, the Ministry of Justice of Russia appealed to the Supreme Court to abolish the VAK.

In the message of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation it was said that "During control and verification activities conducted by the Ministry of Justice, it became clear that the VAK violated both Russian legislation and the provisions of its own charter." As a result of the fact that the organization did not eliminate the violations, the ministry applied for an administrative action to abolish the organization to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

The VAK was established in 2001. As noted on the Congress' website, it is a mass public organization uniting the Azerbaijani diaspora of the Russian Federation with the aim of promoting the realization of civil rights, national-cultural, social interests and the needs of Azerbaijanis in Russia. 

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