Prosecutor’s office persecutes Meydan TV journalists

On February 6 and 7, reporters of “Meydan TV” were summoned to the Prosecutor General’s Office for Serious Crimes for questioning.

Севиндж Вагифкызы
Севиндж Вагифкызы

On February 5 “Meydan TV” reporter Sevinj Vagifgyzy was interrogated on for 2 hours in the Prosecutor General’s Office for Serious Crimes.

“The interrogation concerned directly the activities of “Meydan TV.” So far they have been requesting from us explanations about how we cover different events, and now investigators elicited information about how we build our work “, – she said to the agency Turan.

On February 6-7, other reporters of the website were summoned for questioning. According to unofficial sources, the government is seriously annoyed by the activities of Meydan TV, whose leadership is based in Berlin.

The authorities are trying by all means to paralyze the work of “Meydan TV”, block the transmission of video materials from Baku, find out about sources of financing, and declare its work illegal.

“Meydan TV” was created in 2013 by means of the European funds. The channel founder is a former political prisoner, blogger Emin Milli (Abdullayev).

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