Parliament Speaker on Level of Education in Azerbaijan

New amendments on improving higher education in Azerbaijan

The National Assembly (Azerbaijan)
The National Assembly (Azerbaijan)

On June 3, during discussions on amendments to higher education in Azerbaijan, the speaker of the Parliament, Ogtay Asadov said that this year half of high school graduates could not enter the university.

“We have 78 thousand high school graduates this year. 40 thousand of them were unable to pass the entry exams. And last year 20 thousand people left the country to get higher education abroad. Their staying and getting education here is very important,” says Asadov.

The Parliament of Azerbaijan is trying to solve the issue that the number of eligible students is not reaching its full potential in universities.

The adopted amendments allow for paid training courses for those willing to enter the university and get their bachelor’s degree after passing a year-long prep course.

“These courses are provided in order to help entrants who couldn’t enter the university after the graduation of high school,” says Asadov.

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