Homophobia kills!

On June 13th, “Nefes” (Breath) LGBT Azerbaijani Alliance held a rally in front of the American Embassy in Azerbaijan in response to the terrorist act that took place in Orlando in the early hours of the same day. Those present at the rally used slogans, “End to homophobia!” and “Homophobia kills!”

One participant at the rally, Gulnare Mehdiyeva, says that this event has shown that no LGBT community in the world are entirely safe and free from violence and persecution.

“I read this morning that a person at the club, in order to save their love one, was wounded during the attack and later died in the hospital.

Of course, this is an act of terrorism. Our purpose of being here is to show solidarity and send our condolences. As an LGBT community, this event has shaken us to the bone.

I recently read that homosexuals and bisexuals in the USA are not allowed to give blood. After reading about the heroic act of one of the club – goers, who was willing to give their life for their loved one, don’t you think the United States should consider that perhaps this law is unfounded? It would be an admirable act to cancel this unfair law.”

As a result of the Orlando attack in the morning of June 13th, 50 people lost their lives. More than 50 have been wounded.

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