Friday Wrap-up: veterans protesting, plans to buy gas and UEFA

The week of July 11-15 saw veterans protesting in front of the parliament, European Union plans to buy gas from Azerbaijan and an Azerbaijani football team first win in the qualifying rounds for the UEFA Champions League.

Veterans demand better assistance and mental health support from the government

Video reportage about the protest (in Azerbaijani)

On June 13, veterans of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War protested in front of the Milli Majlis in Baku. The action was intended to bring more attention to the lack of public policies related to the mental health of formers soldiers. Last week, another story of a participant in the war who committed suicide was made public. In addition to this one, there have been many more recent cases.

European Union plans to reduce dependence from Russia with Azerbaijani gas

The European Union (EU) is preparing to sign an unconditional gas import agreement with Azerbaijan, in order to substitute Russian imports. The agreement envisages the supply of 20 billion cubic meters of gas in 2027.

Azerbaijan’s tensions with neighbor Armenia are mentioned in the draft agreement, as well as the need for “respect and support for each other’s territorial integrity, inviolability of international borders”.

Although EU representatives did not announce when the memorandum could be signed, Kadri Simson, the energy commissioner of the institution, will arrive in Baku at the end of this month. On July 19, negotiations between the parties are planned to be held in Brussels.

Azerbaijani football team Qarabag has its first win in the qualifying rounds for the UEFA Champions League

Azerbaijan’s national football champion Qarabag won the first qualifying game for the UEFA Champions League.

After suffering a lost in the first match held in Poznan a week ago, the team scored five goals against Polish team Lech Poznan, winning with a final score of 5×1. The game was held at the Tofiq Bahramov Republican Stadium, in Baku, where fans celebrated into the night on the streets.

Qarabag will face Zurich, from Switzerland, in the second qualifying round of the Champions League on July 19 for the first leg.

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