Friday Wrap-up: Formula 1, no visa for Sputnik-Azerbaijan and hunger strikes

Formula 1 in Baku. Source: Meydan TV

The week of June 6-10 saw the last arrangements for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sputnik-Azerbaijan’s editor-in-chief having her visa revoked and political activists in hunger strikes.

Fifth edition of the Formula 1 race in Baku starts today

Held since 2017 in Baku, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix it is on its fifth edition and will between June 10 and 12.

Traffic in the city is restricted since June six, once the race will happen around the city center, including Icheri Sheher and Azadliq Square.

For Baku residents, the Formula 1 means disruption of their movement around the city. Roads have been blocked since beginning of May, as well as the presence of fenced sidewalks which make daily commutes difficult.

Editor-in-chief of Sputnik-Azerbaijan has her visa revoked

The Azerbaijani State Migration Service (SMS) has revoked the temporary residence permit of Veranika Olegovna, editor-in-chief of the Sputnik-Azerbaijan website, and her husband.

The information was published on the website of the State Migration Service on June 10.

Both must leave Baku within ten days after receiving the negative response for having their residence permit granted, which would had allowed them to live in Azerbaijan.

Arrested activists begin coordinated hunger strikes

At least three arrested members of the Muslim Union Movement are said to have started hunger strikes in protest against the public persecution of their group.

Taleh Bagirzade, chairman of the Movement, announced he was starting a hunger strike on June 3. Abbas Huseynov and Jabbar Jabbarov followed the action in the next days. The Movement claims that more five members and activists are also on a hunger strike for showing support to Bagirzade.

Jabbarov health deteriorated quickly and on June 10 he was transferred to a medical facility.

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