Friday Wrap-up: couriers strike, pension law and fire in an industrial park

Source: Meydan TV

The week of April 25-29 saw a strike organized by food deliver couriers, amendments to the pension law and a fire in Azersun Industrial Park.

Couriers: “We will not work until prices rise”

A group of couriers from the Bolt Food delivery service marched through the streets of the capital to protest low wages and demand better working conditions. The call was broadcasted on a Telegram channel.

Protesters tried to meet with Bolt’s management, but to no avail.

Before that, on April 21, Wolt’s couriers protested on social media over low service fees. It was noted that the company has reduced the payment from 2 to 1.60 manat over the past 2.5 years .

Amendment to pension law changes pension for servicemen

Milli Majlis discussed changes to the rules for awarding old-age pensions to servicemen and decided that old-age pension for servicemen will be determined after discharge from military service.

Thereafter, with the exception of a few individuals, re-employment of retired military pensioners after the old-age pension has been determined shall not be recalculated on the basis of the last maintenance cost. The labor pension of this category can be recalculated only for the insurance pension capital registered in their individual accounts.

The draft amendments to the law were put to a vote and adopted in the first reading.

People evacuated due to the fire in Azersun Industrial Park

A fire broke out in the Azersun Industrial Park located in a settlement in Sumgayit on April 28. Locals told Meydan TV that the fire engulfed most of the industrial park.

The population is being evacuated to safe areas due to the incident.

A joint statement by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) explained that according to preliminary investigations, the fire spread over a large area in the complex, starting from the dumping of plastic waste and spreading to food and other warehouses.

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