Friday Wrap-up: Military casualties announced by authorities

A look at the news coming out of Azerbaijan in the week of 30 November to 4 December 2020.

The week of 30 November-4 November saw the announcement of the military casualties from the 44-day long Karabakh war and Azerbaijan's forces entered Lachin district.

Number of military casualties in war announced

Azerbaijan's Defence Ministry announced that 2783 servicemen were


during the 44-day long Karabakh War between 27 September and 10 November. The independent Caspian Defence Studies Institute also published a similar number, albeit slightly lower. While previously the Azerbaijani government had often underreported casualties, based off of Meydan TV's monitoring of the death toll it seems that the announced total was not manipulated.

Financial relief for fallen soldier's families and wounded

The Azerbaijani government will provide financial support to the families of those soldiers who died in the war, as well as to those wounded. Monthly payments will


from 210 to 300 AZN a month. A one-off payment of 11,000 AZN the families of those dead will also be given. Furthermore, the consumer debts of those killed will be



A moment of mourning was announced for 4 December 2020.

Azerbaijani army enters Lachin region

The Azerbaijani Defence Ministry reported that, as per the agreement


by Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, its forces


the Lachin region on 1 December. Lachin is located in the south-west of Azerbaijan in a mountainous area. It is bordered by Kalbajar in the north, Khojaly, Shusha and Khojavend in the east, Gubadli region in the south, and Armenia in the west.

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