Family of Austrian athlete demands compensation

Vanessa Şahinoviç
Vanessa Şahinoviç
Vanessa Şahinoviç

The family of an Austrian athlete who was disabled as the result of a bus collision the day before the beginning of the European Games in Baku in 2015, has still not received compensation from the government of Azerbaijan,

reported Turan.

The family also demands compensation for expenses related to her rehabilitation. The family’s lawyer has filed suit against the bus company of the driver responsible for the accident.

16 year old Vanessa Shakhinovich, despite year long treatment in Austrian rehabilitation centers, has still been unable to recover many functions of her motor system. Her extremities are paralyzed and she has difficulty moving.

Two other Austrian athletes on the synchronized swimming team were also hit by the bus on the territory of the Olympic Village.

In the aftermath of the accident, the government of Azerbaijan provided for her air transport back to Vienna and several of her immediate medical expenses.

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