European Court of Human Rights confirms the decision to open the Lachin Corridor

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The decision of the court must be enforced by Azerbaijan

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) reaffirmed its decision to unblock the Lachin Corridor.

This information was published by the Armenian service of “Azadlig” Radio with reference to the office of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

It is reported that the ECtHR ordered Azerbaijan to take necessary and sufficient measures for the passage of seriously ill people and those who need treatment in Armenia, as well as those who are indigent and without means of living, to pass through the Lachin Corridor. The decision of the court must be enforced by Azerbaijan.

Emphasizing that the decision is binding for Baku, the Armenian Prime Minister’s office said that the ECtHR has once again approved the ruling on transitional measures issued on December 21, 2022, regarding the opening of the Lachin Corridor at the request of Armenia.

Decision precedent

Last year, on December 12, in the morning, a group of non-governmental organization representatives, media representatives, and social activists connected to the Azerbaijani authorities closed the Lachin Corridor road, which is under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers.

The participants of the action said that they objected to the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits in Azerbaijan.

A few days later, Armenia addressed a request to the ECHR against Azerbaijan for a transitional measure to open the Lachin Corridor. Azerbaijan appealed to the ECHR and accused Armenia of looting the property of Azerbaijanis in the Lachin region.

On July 6, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejected Yerevan’s petition regarding the establishment of the Lachin border checkpoint on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, disseminating information about this, stated that Armenia’s misinterpretation of the latest decision is an attempt to divert attention from the impasse: he argued that Azerbaijan’s decision to establish a border control checkpoint at the entrance to the Lachin road is its sovereign right to protect borders. According to the Ministry, the decision came from the alleged need to stop the illegal flow of weapons, military equipment, and soldiers to the territory of the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also added that apparently since the creation of the border control checkpoint, residents of Armenian origin have been passing through the border checkpoint where entry and exit border control is carried out without discrimination within the framework of Azerbaijan’s internal and international obligations.

Yegishe Kirakosyan, representative of Armenia on international legal issues, told the local media that the court confirmed its decision dated February 22, 2023, and instructs Azerbaijan to take all measures to ensure the unhindered movement of citizens, vehicles, and cargo in both directions through the Lachin corridor. He considers that the Court believes there is no need to make additions to this decision.

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