Disabled Offsprings

After my accident, I will never forget the death of the guy with severe conditions in the intense care.

After my accident, I will never forget the death of the guy with severe conditions in the intense care. His condition was much worse than mine. His parents had abandoned him. No one transferred money to the hospital, so the guy was refused in even food and died in 2-3 days. Had the parents supported him, he could have lived a few more years. Nevertheless, they abandoned him.

I met another guy over there. His case was pretty severe after the trauma too. However, his parents were very supportive. They sold their apartment, took a debt and took their son to Israel. He lived a little over two years and then died.

By telling all these I am trying to remind parents of their duties in front of their children.

My accident resulted in my parents’ depression. Committed to my faith I saw the accident as a test.  Therefore, I was still optimistic, yet my parents were going through a great spiritual distress. Due to my mother’s calm nature it was relatively easier to lift her spirits with my optimism. I asked her to never worry or cry for me as I was going to be just fine. Since ever she never cried in front of me. Up to now she always supports and takes a good care of me.

My father is by nature a very emotional and easily irritable person. For quite a while he couldn’t accept my disability, and couldn’t calm down. He even blamed me for putting myself and them in such a bad situation. All his turmoil hurt me a great deal. I was arguing with him, yet it brought no resolution. Finally, I left the dispute and began patiently praying for him. I tried to support him to get out of the stress. After two years of struggle I finally won him over.

Today, they both support me and my beginnings. I also try my best to morally support them to make the burden of having a disabled child a little more bearable. I love them dearly, and try hard to make them happy.

Unfortunately, there are parents in our society who forget about their children. They consider their duties accomplished by simply providing food and clothing. As if the rest is none of their duty. Those heads of the families forget that even that corrupted official who steals from people, or that women trafficker act the same way and buy food and clothes for their own families.  However, the most important legacy left by the parents to their children is combination of consciousness, morality and education that are crucial in formation of a human being.  Only the person with above qualities can be of any use to his country and nation.

Fathers, who due to harsh conditions leave their homes early in the morning and return late at night in order to provide for the family, do not see how their children grow up. They cannot show fatherly care for their children. Women who spend most of their days gossiping, following show-business scandals and watching soap operas are also not able to focus on their children’s vitally important upbringing. Sometimes even those parents who are capable of spending time with their children are reluctant to do so. As a result they cannot recognize their children when those are grown ups. The pursuit of care and nurture leads these children from such households become easily influenced by the environment they find themselves in. They either join religiously extremist flows and become terrorists, or attempt a suicide due to depression, or simply become aimless and easily manipulated slaves that form society’s waste.

I know a lot of parents who due to their children’s illness or disability do not let them socialize or meet new people. Parents with children who were disabled from birth or later in life become vulnerable, and tend to push their children into a stressful mental and psychological state of mind. When someone visits their house they do not wish them to see their children. I know a father who stopped entering his child’s room after he got into accident. Another one does not assist or help his child to get in or out of the wheelchair saying I can’t touch him in this state. There is another one who is ashamed to walk with his child in the yard.

Parents with autistic children sometimes leave them in the orphanages. Autism is a mental condition that starts from up to three years old and lasts throughout the life, causes difficulties in socializing and mutual communication, results in restricted and repetitive behavior and prevents brain development. They don’t see that autistic people can have different and beneficial qualities to them. There are a lot of famous people who suffered from autism from childhood like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, worldwide popular film director Steven Spielberg, musician Bob Dylan, artist Vincent Van Gogh and etc. These people proved themselves to the world and accomplished a worldwide fame.

Love and support your children in any condition so that they don’t become outcasts of the world and society.

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