Azerbaijani diplomat apologizes for «liking» Arif Mammadov’s status

Azerbaijani diplomat Hikmet Hajiyev on June 7, 2015 apologized for “liking” Arif Mammadov’s Facebook status.


Azerbaijani diplomat Hikmet Hajiyev on June 7, 2015 apologized for “liking” Arif Mammadov’s Facebook status,

reported. Mammadov, the head of the Permanent Observer Mission of Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the European Union, criticized sharply Azerbaijani officials over the May 19

fire in Baku

’s Binagadi district


 “From the point of view of the technical parameters the mark “like” in social media does not mean acceptance or approval of any opinion, and more involves the concept of “see, read or have read”. Nevertheless, due to a misunderstanding of the “like” status in social networks related to the fire, I apologize. In connection with this issue the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken appropriate measures,” Hajiyev wrote on his Facebook page.

He noted that that he remained ” faithful to legacy of the nationwide leader of Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev,” and  had served and would continue to serve “the domestic and foreign policy of the respected President Ilham Aliyev.”

“And those like Arif Mammadov, resorting to such acts for the sake of a comfortable life and asylum in Europe, have no right to speak on our behalf. I strongly condemn the acts and thoughts of Arif Mammadov, who for several years worked in the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan and is working in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” Hajiyev added. “Insults against his own people are not allowed. This is a prime example of how Arif Mammadov together with his patrons in Europe is involved in the anti-Azerbaijani propaganda campaign in the run-up to the European Games.”

Hajiyev serves as the spokesman of the Azerbaijani Foreign Affairs Ministry, but he requested that the media refer to him as a citizen of Azerbaijan in relation to the above statement.

Meanwhile, Mammadov remained defiant and shared a new status on his Facebook page on June 7, 2015.

“Dear friends, brothers and sisters, and the great Azerbaijani nation!

I am surprised and outraged at the hunt against the best diplomats of the country. The repression order came from the repressive factory of the country.

This power only needs people such as Eynulla Fatullayev and the like.

It is beyond understanding that the country’s best diplomats are fired for “liking” on Facebook my words expressing condolences to the families of those killed during the tragic fire in Baku.

Diplomats are forced to write derogatory statements. Some people compare it to the repression of the late 1930s in the USSR. I would say that the actions taking place now can only be called insanity of the power. It did not take place either in the 1930s or in the 1940s, or even during the Inquisition.

I’ve worked in the Foreign Ministry for more than 20 years, and this ministry has many decent and honest people, who have for many years protected the country’s interests in the world.

Yesterday I came back to Belgium after a business trip, and I was shocked to learn that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium and the European institutions are aware of this outrageous situtation. I was approached with an official offerto protect me and my family. I declined, but the Belgian Foreign Ministry insists.

Several media have reported that I am looking for political asylum in Norway. No way!

My determination to fight obscurantism and injustice against my great nation is limitless.”

As reported earlier, Ilham Aliyev on June 3, 2015 recalled his Ambassador to Ukraine and Permanent Representative to the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM) Eynulla Madatli. Madatli’s son Anar, who serves as a diplomat in Brussels, was one of the diplomats who “liked” Mammadov’s post.

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