The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan

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Caption: The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan

Supreme Court sends Meydan TV case back to lower court

Article was updated on :  30 September 2019

The Supreme Court has overturned a ruling passed by the Baku of Court of Appeals regarding the blocking of Meydan TV's website. The hearing, chaired by judge Alasgar Aliyev, took place on 10 September. The case was re-sent to the Baku Court of Appeals for review, lawyer Elchin Sadigov has told Meydan TV.

The lawyer said that a 12 May 2017 ruling passed by the Sabail District Court approved an appeal filed by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technology to restrict the broadcasting of Meydan TV. On 23 April 2019, the Baku Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the ruling passed by the Sabail District Court.

The Supreme Court's ruling has not led to an immediate lifting of the ban, but the case must be reviewed once more by the Court of Appeals.

At a plenary session of the National Assembly on 10 March 2017, amendments were made to the laws on "Information, Informization and Protection of Information" and "On telecommunications" and procedures for the official blocking of websites by state agencies were passed.

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Article was updated on :  30 September 2019
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