Sumgayit resident reportedly died as a result of torture in the police station

Sumgayit Police Department. Photo: archive

Elvin Iskenderov, a 37-year-old resident of Sumgait, has died while in custody at the city’s 1st police station. The circumstances of his death are currently under dispute, with family members alleging police torture and the Ministry of Internal Affairs attributing his death to natural causes.

Iskenderov was taken into custody on the night of June 14, along with several individuals, including his brothers. By the night of June 15, relatives who had arrived at the police station were informed of his death.

According to Iskenderov’s family, his body showed signs of violence, with visible injuries that led them to believe he was tortured to death. His brothers, who were with him at the station, claim they were also beaten and that Elvin was struck on the head.

Turkhan Iskanderov, Elvin’s brother, stated that they were subjected to beatings and insults by the police. He recounted witnessing his brother being beaten, which he believes led to Elvin losing his balance and collapsing:

“They said that he devoted himself to acting,” Turkhan Iskanderov said, implying the police dismissed the severity of his brother’s condition.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has refuted the family’s allegations, stating that Elvin Iskenderov died from cirrhosis of the liver and a heart attack. According to a press release from the ministry, police were responding to a report of a conflict at a café involving several intoxicated individuals. The police arrived at the scene around 11:30 p.m. and brought the involved parties to the station after resolving the conflict. The ministry’s statement asserts that Iskenderov suddenly lost his balance and fell in front of the station in the presence of multiple people, including relatives and friends, as well as under surveillance camera observation.

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