Protest: Free political prisoners, Mr. Aliyev!

Free political prisoners, Mr. Aliyev, free political prisoners!

“Reporters without borders” organized an act of protest against President Ilham Aliyev in support of political prisoners during his official visit to Berlin earlier this week.

Interestingly, from the hundreds of Azerbaijanis living in Berlin and the thousands living throughout Germany — many of whom would gladly count themselves in the numbers of the opposition movement, or at least not as supporters of the regime — almost no one came to support the picket organized by the German branch of the international journalistic organization in defense of political prisoners.

The picket organized by “Reporters Without Borders” was supported only by two independent journalists and partners of Meydan TV, including well-known activist, Habib Muntezir. The protesters shouted, “Ilham Alyiev release Ilgar Mamedov!” “Ilham Alyiev release Seymour Khazi!”

However, more than half a hundred men came to support the President of Azerbaijan, among which were a number of former citizens of Azerbaijan.

“If everything is so great in Azerbaijan, why did you move to Germany? And when everything is so bad  in Azerbaijan, why do you support Ilham Alyiev?”, stated Habib Muntezir to the supporters of the President of Azerbaijan.

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