Potential new charges await imprisoned former deputy Nazim Baydimirli

Nazim Beydamirli. Illustration: Meydan TV

The former deputy currently in custody, Nazim Beydamirli, could potentially be facing additional charges.

Beydimirli, who is detained due to his alleged involvement in protests that occurred in the village of Soyudlu in Gadabay, has referred to himself as an “ecology detainee.” Reports suggest that he is now under further scrutiny, raising concerns over his legal situation.

According to Rufat Safarov, the Executive Director of the human rights organization “Defense Line,” Baydimirli is allegedly being coerced into retracting his claim of being arrested in connection to the Soyudlu incidents. Failure to comply with these alleged demands could result in the filing of additional charges, including charges related to incitement, embezzlement, and other accusations. Safarov conveyed this information to Meydan TV, shedding light on the potential legal maneuvering surrounding Baydimirli’s case.

The former deputy, who was summoned and subsequently detained on July 4th by the Anti-Corruption Directorate, had his detention confirmed by the Nizami District Court on the following day. Since his apprehension, Baydimirli’s communication with family members has been restricted, with his visitation and phone privileges being curtailed based on an investigative authority decision.

Despite the limitations, Baydimirli’s legal team has sought to challenge these restrictions in court. Their efforts bore fruit on August 15th, as the Nizami District Court reviewed the matter and ruled in favor of lifting the communication restrictions.

On the same day, the Nizami District Court deliberated on a separate matter concerning Baydimirli’s defense request for his release from custody during the ongoing investigation. However, this request was denied, highlighting the complexities of the legal proceedings in which he is entangled.

Baydimirli, who served as a parliamentary deputy for the Gadabay-Tovuz electoral district from 2005 to 2010, finds himself facing charges under Article 182.2.4 of the Criminal Code. The charges allege that he attempted to extort a significant sum of money through intimidation and threats, leveraging his purported ownership in a company. The legal materials claim that Baydimirli demanded 50,000 manats from a co-owner by resorting to blackmail.

Maintaining his innocence, Baydimirli argues that his arrest is linked to his participation in the Soyudlu protests.

This development comes against the backdrop of media coverage that implicated several individuals, including Baydimirli, in the Soyudlu incidents, adding further unresolved questions to the ongoing case.

Baydimirli himself has claimed that his summoning to the Anti-Corruption Directorate, referred to colloquially as “Bandotdel,” was prompted by his alleged involvement in the Soyudlu protests. The circumstances surrounding his arrest remain subject to legal scrutiny and public speculation as the case unfolds.

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