Photojournalist Elnur Mukhtar detained (updated)

Allegedly, the youth has been detained for his proximity to the statue shortly after it was decorated by graffiti.

Early this morning, several policemen arrived at the residence of Elnur Muxtar and took him into police custody. The photojournalist’s house was searched, and his camera and computer were taken to the police precinct.

Meydan TV was informed of the photographer’s arrest by his relatives, who reported that he was taken to the 7th police precinct. Attempts to learn the reason for his arrest from the Ministry of Internal Affairs proved ineffective.

According to information obtained by Meydan TV from civil rights organizations, Elnur Muxtar was taken to Baku Municipal Police Station together with Amid Suleymanov – a member of NIDA Civic Movement who was taken into custody earlier today. Supposedly, on the night of May 10th, the two were in the immediate vicinity of the statue to Heydar Aliyev on which graffiti reading “Happy Slave Day!” had been scrawled probably several moments earlier to their arrival on the spot. The two most likely saw the graffiti, and cameras recorded them reading it.

It is speculated that this is the reason for their arrest.

Mukhtar was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment on the 25th by Narimanov District Court.

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