Opposition party member who was arrested during a protest says he was tortured

Illustration: Meydan TV

The lawyer applied to the prosecutor’s office regarding the complaint of torture

Rovshan Mammadov, an activist of the Salyan branch of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), who was arrested during the protest held by the party on November 11 in front of the Baku City Executive Authority, said that he was tortured. Rufat Safarov, executive director of “Defence Line” Human Rights Organization, informed Meydan TV about this.

He affirmed that Mammadov’s lawyer met him on November 16 at the administrative detention center, where he told his lawyer that he was subjected to physical and psychological torture either on the road during the protest action or in Sabail district’s 8th police station. Rovshan Mammadov told that he was beaten for several hours.

According to the PFPA member, as a result of the torture he suffered, serious health problems arose and he is currently suffering from pain.

Rovshan Mammadov’s lawyer submitted an application to the prosecutor’s office regarding his torture complaint. At the same time, the decision on his 30-day administrative arrest was appealed.

It is alleged that Mammadov, who was charged with disobedience to the legal request of the police, broke the window of the Post-Patrol Service car at the scene of the action.

However, the party refuses this accusation:

“There are witnesses, video footage, they broke the glass themselves, they are using it to slander Rovshan. When he got into the car, the glass was already broken. We have a hard time naming such a white lie about an event that happened in front of hundreds of people”, told the PFPA representative to Meydan TV.

The party drew attention to the fact that Mammadov’s family lived in a difficult situation: “They slandered the only breadwinner of the family in such a situation”.

In the statement released by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is claimed that Rovshan Mammadov, was drunk during the protest action on November 11. He was detained and brought to the police station because he broke the rear window of the police car.

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