Number of foreign visitors to Azerbaijan dropped by 8.4%


The number of foreign visitors to Azerbaijan decreased by 8.4% in 2014 compared to the previous year,

reported on May 26, 2015 citing the Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee.

The decline is mainly due to the worsening financial situation in Russia which affects Russian citizens of Azerbaijani origin, who had to postpone their visits to the homeland, according to the study.

About 2.3 million people visited Azerbaijan in 2014, a drop of 211,000 visitors compared to 2013. Traditionally, Russian citizens constitute the larger percentage of visitors: 36,7% in 2014 and 36% in 2013. Citizens of Georgia, Turkey, and Iran are also frequent visitors to Azerbaijan. In 2013, the four countries produced 87.5% of foreign visitors to Azerbaijan. In 2014, this figure dropped to 74%.

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