Karabakh protesters sentenced while Armenian prisoners trial begins


Twelve "Karabakh prisoners" were sentenced

Twelve more people have been sentenced in connection with the rally in support of Karabakh and the army, which took place on the night of 14-15 July 2020 in Baku. Among them are a member of the Presidium of the Popular Front Party, Karabakh veteran Asif Yusifli, party activists Seymur Ahmadzade, Mushfig Guliyev, Elnur Jabbarli and others.

They had been charged with illegal entry into the parliament building, among other related charges.

Defendants received suspended sentences ranging form just under three years and seven months to two years and seven months.

Despite the suspended sentence, the defendants voiced their dissatisfaction with the verdict and vowed to appeal. They say they are innocent and demand an acquittal.

The Azerbaijani government often uses


of hooliganism or broken coronavirus restrictions to stifle oppositional voices, which chairman of the Popular Front Party Ali Karimli claims is happening here, as well.

"The regime clearly demonstrates that its goal is to control APFP functionaries with suspended sentences under the pretext of the Karabakh march", he said.

Thirty-six people have been prosecuted in connection with the march in July 2020 and have been referred to as the "Karabakh prisoners". These thirty-six were divided into three groups. The trial of another group of twelve people, including members of the Presidium of the Popular Front Party Fuad Gahramanli, Mammad Ibrahim, Bakhtiyar Imanov and Ayaz Maharramli, ended a week ago. They also received suspended sentences. The third trial of the final twelve continues.

The trial of thirteen Armenian citizens

The trial of 13 more Armenian citizens has started in Baku

The trial of a further thirteen Armenian citizens detained in Azerbaijan has begun. They were brought before a judge for the first time on 22 June at the Baku Court of Grave Crimes. They have been charged with terrorism and violation of the state borders of Azerbaijan. The number of Armenian citizens on trial in the country is now at 40. Two previous trials of groups of fourteen and thirteen people on the same charges have already begun.

At today's preparatory hearing chaired by Judge Eldar Ismayilov, the profiles of the accused were clarified. The defendants speak Armenian, and two translators translate what they say into Azerbaijani. Opinions voiced in Azerbaijani in court are also translated back to them.

The defendants lawyers, who are appointed by the state, have requested that the accused be provided with a Russian-language interpreter. Defendants said that some of the accused spoke Russian, and that it would be more appropriate for them to be provided with an interpreter from Russian. However, the court did not grant this request.

Another request of the lawyers was to hold all court hearings with audio and video recordings. This request was granted.

The trial is set for 29 June. Although the criminal case against the Armenian citizens was considered by the judges of the Baku Court of Grave Crimes, it was decided to hold the hearings in the administrative building of the Baku Court of Appeal.

This group of thirteen people includes Hovanesyan Haykaz Koryunovich, Manukyan Varazdat Amushavanovich, Stepanyan David Stepanovich, Tosunyan Levan Ashotovich, Baghdasaryan Artur Eduardovich, Avakyan Serop Surenovich, Harutyunyan Varazdat Veryojraevich Horajorjovic Horajyanovich Horajyanovich, Manukyan Ashot Artakovich and Agramanyan Martin Mushegovich.

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