Incident reported near Agdam, both sides report injured

Both Azerbaijani and Armenian officials reported one injury

Both Azerbaijani and Armenian officials reported one injury.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry's press service


that one Azerbaijani serviceman had been injured on the evening of 6 July.

The statement said that "illegal Armenian armed groups on the territory of Azerbaijan" had fired on Azerbaijani military units near Aliagali village in Agdam.

The report further says that as a result of the shooting, Azerbaijani serviceman Sakit Ahliman oglu Dadashov, who was involved in road improvement works, had been injured and taken to the hospital.

The ministry said that the command of the Russian peacekeeping forces and the Turkish-Russian Joint Monitoring Center were informed to investigate the incident.

Armenian side accuses Azerbaijan of ceasefire violation

Armenpress reported that on the other hand, Samvel Asatryan, representative of the Armenian Armed Forces, accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire in the Gegharkunik region.

According to the Asatryan, the incident took place in the border village of Verin Shorj. Astaryan said that his information said one Armenian and two Azerbaijani servicemen had been injured.

Since the ceasefire agreement on 10 November 2021, both the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides have repeatedly accused each other of provoking each other, and violating the border and the ceasefire.

On 11 June, the Azerbaijani side reported that the Armenian armed forces opened fire on Azerbaijani units in the direction of Kalbajar. The Defense Ministry said that all the responsibility for the incident fell on the Armenian side.

The Armenian Defense Ministry also reported on 10 June that the Azerbaijani armed forces wanted to carry out engineering work in the border area and the Armenian side retaliated to stop the work.

According to the report, the Azerbaijani side fired on the Armenian positions, and they responded properly.

On 12 May, the Armenian side stated that the Azerbaijani armed forces violated their borders and entered several kilometers. Azerbaijan denied Armenia's claim.

At that time, the Armenian side accused Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan accused Armenia of violating the ceasefire. Armenia even announced the death of two servicemen. Azerbaijan stated that it did not use weapons and did not open fire at all.

On 28 May, the Azerbaijani side issued a statement saying that a serviceman was wounded in Nakhchivan as a result of Armenian fire. This information was denied by the Armenian Defense Ministry.

On 2 June, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and the State Border Service issued a joint statement. According to the report, about 40 Armenian servicemen entered the territory of Azerbaijan 400 meters from the village of Armudlu in Kalbajar: “As a result of measures taken by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Armenian armed forces withdrew from the area. No weapons were used at that time. "

A few hours later, the Armenian Defense Ministry denied the information, saying that "the Azerbaijani side is spreading misinformation."

On 27 September 2020, heavy fighting broke out on the line of contact between the Azerbaijani and Armenian armed forces. On 9 November, when war ended, the Azerbaijani side announced that it had taken back control of about 280 villages, four settlements and five cities.

A ceasefire statement was issued on behalf of the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia on 10 November. According to the agreement, the Kalbajar, Agdam and Lachin regions were returned to Azerbaijani control.

Russian peacekeepers have since been deployed in the Lachin corridor and on the line of contact.

Most of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region remains under the control of Armenian forces and Russian peacekeepers.

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