Graphic designer Rasul Hassan

Source: Rasul Hassan's Facebook Page

Caption: Graphic designer Rasul Hassan

Hassan's anti-police video deleted during detention

Graphic designer Rasul Hassan, who was allegedly kidnapped due to a video he produced on the recent rally held in Baku, was forced to delete it under the police pressure according his father Elshan Hassan.

His father stated that Hassan was detained on 18 February and taken to the police station.

“When he got out of the taxi they approached and said [he] had to go with [them]. At the police station, my son was asked about why he was in opposition and was also questioned about our household,” father Hassan said adding, “Rasul was forced to delete the video. In addition, they warned him that they will take more serious measures if he makes it public.”

Later he was set free, Turan news agency reported. His father told Meydan TV that his son was taken to the Main Organized Crime Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“But this incident should be seen as kidnapping. This is the third time they pressured my family. So far I have not talked about it. Now I will make it public,” father Hassan said.

Hassan posted a video on social media in which police officers cordoned off the Central Election Commission building on 16 February. After he was arrested, the video was erased from his Facebook profile.

A group of young people along with former independent election candidates came together in front of the Central Election Commission in Baku to support Hassan.

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