Gubad Ibadoglu case: academic accused together with professor in criminal case denounces torture in prison

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Fazil Gasimov, an Azerbaijani scientist employed at a university in Turkey, has alleged mistreatment and torture following his detention in Istanbul ten months ago and subsequent extradition to Azerbaijan.

Gasimov, who stands accused alongside Professor Gubad Ibadoglu in a criminal case, detailed his ordeal in letters addressed to various state entities, including Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyeva, Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva, and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Gasimov claims that he endured prolonged physical abuse at the Main Organized Crime Department, known as “bandotdel”, to coerce a statement against Gubad Ibadoglu. The reported torture ranged from electric shocks to submerging his head in a toilet. He stressed that any testimony provided was under severe psychological and physical duress, asserting his refusal to comply.

In addition to his allegations against law enforcement, Gasimov accuses his former lawyer, Anar Gasimli, of collaborating with investigators to coerce incriminating statements against himself and Gubad Ibadoglu.

Having resided in Turkey for twelve years and pursued doctoral studies at Istanbul University, Gasimov feels unjustly targeted and extradited to Azerbaijan without evidence of wrongdoing.

Rufat Safarov, executive director of the human rights organization “Defence Line”, reported that Gasimov is currently on a hunger strike in protest against what he perceives as his unlawful detention and mistreatment.

Gasimov’s brother, Nazim Gasimov, confirmed his brother’s hunger strike and condemned his detention as unjust.

Professor Gubad Ibadoglu, affiliated with the London School of Economics and the Technical University of Dresden, was arrested on July 23, 2023, under Article 204.3.1 of the Criminal Code, accused of involvement in a scheme related to counterfeit money or securities by an organized group. The Narimanov District Court subsequently ordered his detention for a preliminary investigation period of three months and twenty-six days.

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