Friday Wrap-up: Ayaz Mutallibov, rally suspended and a building collapses

Portrait of Ayaz Mutallibov. Source: Meydan TV

The week from March 26 – April 1 in Azerbaijan saw the country’s first president death, the National Council decides for not holding a planned rally and a school building collapses in Nakhchivan.

Ayaz Mutallibov, former president of Azerbaijan, passed away

Former President of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutallibov passed away on March 27. He was born in 1938 in Baku.

Mutallibov was also the last leader of the Azerbaijani Socialist Soviet Republic, part of the USSR.

In 1991, he was elected President of Azerbaijan in the general elections, but resigned due to anti-government protests after Khojaly massacre. Mutallibov left the country for Moscow, where he stayed until he came back to Baku in 2012.

Tofig Yagublu: “National Council will not hold a rally on April 2”

Tofig Yagublu, member of the Coordination Center of the National Council of Democratic Forces, told Meydan TV that the group will not hold a rally on April 2 as expected.

The Baku City Executive Power rejected the National Council’s request to hold an action in support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

According to Yagublu, “we [National Council’s organization] have already decided to not hold an uncoordinated rally. However, the next meeting of the National Council on March 31 will discuss and evaluate the response letter of the executive power”.

School building collapses in Nakhchivan; there are victims

On March 31, a secondary school building collapsed in a settlement in the Babek region of Nakhchivan. The incident took place during a construction work at the school. Four people died and one was injured.

Residents of the settlement told Meydan TV that the building was very damaged and that they have repeatedly complained about its unfavorable condition to public authorities, without success.

The project of renovating the school was implemented by the Babek District Construction Department, but it is unknown which company was effectively working on it.

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