Friday Wrap-up: a strike, new Film Agency and cyber attack

An oil industry worker. Photo: Meydan TV.

The week of April 18-22 saw oil refinery workers on a strike, the creation of the Azerbaijani Film Agency and cyber attack on government website.

Protest action at the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery

About a thousand workers of the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery held a protest action and went on a strike on April 22.

The reason for the stoppage of activities is that salaries are not being payed for the majority of employees. They also made complaints to the representatives of SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan).

The refinery administration argues that the bank is having problems processing the payments, which was not enough to make the strike stop. Workers are on the second day of mobilization already.

According to official data, 21 out of 24 types of Azerbaijani oil are processed at this refinery, which in turn produces 15 types of oil products, including gasoline, aviation kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil, petroleum coke, etc. 

Film Agency created in Azerbaijan

President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order for the establishment of a new national Film Agency in Azerbaijan.

The decree’s goal is to improve the implementation of state policy in Azerbaijani cinema, to ensure the sustainability of national cinema to international competition, to modernize the local production and broadcasting infrastructure.

The Agency will operate under the Ministry of Culture, which received criticism from specialists because of overregulation and lack of transparency risks.

Cyber ​​attack on Compulsory Insurance Bureau

The Compulsory Insurance Bureau (CIB) have reportedly been attacked by a hacker. It is claimed that the entire system of the bureau was destroyed and more than 40 million pieces of information were seized.

President of the Azerbaijan Internet Forum Osman Gunduz said that information about the cars of the State Security Service (SSS), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Ministry of Justice and other agencies, as well as many ministers was seized. Data from citizens, public and private enterprises have also been compromised.

The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport has not yet responded to Meydan TV’s inquiries about the cyber attack.

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