Friday wrap-up: Detained Talysh activist, Shusha declaration political prisoner’s deteriorating health

The week of 14-18 June in Azerbaijan, explained.

The week of 14-18 June in Azerbaijan saw a blogger detained over a social media post, the Turkish president’s visit to Shusha, and the deteriorating health of an imprisoned activist.

Talysh blogger detained by police

This week on Thursday, Talysh blogger and activist Elvin Irshadov was reportedly


to the Lankaran City Police Department.

It is believed that Irshadov has been detained because of what he posted on his personal Facebook account. A new quarantine rule restricting the reopening some mosques was introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers this week. Irshadov’s Facebook post was viewed as criticizing this new restriction.

Elvin Irshadov was previously sentenced to administrative detention after sharing a video about the Talysh khanate on 18 May 2020. His posts on social networks criticize pan-Turkism and racism and promote Talysh culture.

Erdogan and Aliyev sign the Shusha Declaration.

Turkish President Erdogan visits Shusha and signs declaration

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Azerbaijan on


and travelled with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliveyev to Shusha, a city of significant importance that was recaptured by Azerbaijani forces during the recent Nagorno-Karabakh war.

At a joint press conference with President Ilham Aliyev, Erdogan announced that they had signed the "Shusha Declaration".

The document notes that Turkey and Azerbaijan will demonstrate solidarity and mutual support on international and regional issues of mutual interest in terms of political, military and security relations. The declaration also focuses on strengthened bonds between the two countries on an economic level.

Portrait of a fallen solider’s mother: "War brings grief to everyone"

In the beginning of this week we published a video on Maria Aliyeva, an Azerbaijani citizen of Armenian ethnicity who became popular on Azerbaijani social media after Russian media published articles about her.

Many did not know that Maria’s son had died in 1994 during the First Karabakh War. Maria’s son Samir studied at a military school and was sent to fight in the First Karabakh War. He was killed in action in January 1994 at age 19.

For Maria Aliyeva, Azerbaijan is her home. She believes that regardless of religion and nationality, people can live in peace and harmony.

Political prisoner Mammad reportedly placed in medical facility

Arrested journalist and human rights activist

Elchin Mammad

was reportedly taken to the Justice Ministry's treatment facility on 12 June.

It is reported that the human rights activist’s health has suddenly worsened over the last couple of days. He will undergo an ultrasound examination and tests for Hepatitis C.

On 17 October 2020, the Sumgayit City Court sentenced Elchin Mammadov to four years in prison on charges of "theft" and “illegal possession of ammunition and weapons”. Elchin Mammad has been in prison since March 2020. Mammad connects the criminal case with his human rights activities.

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