A woman demonstrates in Baku on 8 March 2021.

Source: RFL Azerbaijani Service

Caption: A woman demonstrates in Baku on 8 March 2021.

Feminists march in Baku on 8 March

Article was updated on :  8 March 2021

Those detained during the march were later released.

On 8 March, the Feminist Movement planned to hold a "8 MARCH - For Our Rights" march in Baku's Fountain Square.

But before the march began, most of the feminists were detained by police. Very few participants came to the Fountain Square and chanted slogans.

Police in Baku detain 8 March participants

Over 15 women were detained; they were released shortly after their detention.

The Interior Ministry released a statement saying no one was detained during the protest.

"Despite the advance warning, those who tried to protest were removed from the area."

Prior to the rally, the organizers issued a statement. The statement said that since the March 8 rally, they have observed the situation with women's rights in the country. During the pandemic, no state program was implemented for women detained at home with violent individuals:

"After the pandemic, we saw that the issue of how war and socio-economic problems affected women's lives went unnoticed. We are horrified by the news of numerous female suicides and murders."

The main demand of the marchers is the adoption of the Istanbul Convention, or The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, which Azerbaijan has chosen not to sign for almost ten years.

Edit: This article was later updated on 8 March to add the above video.

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Article was updated on :  8 March 2021
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