Employees of security firm caught beating innocent citizens live on camera

This is Sabunchu district. These people beating local residents are employees of ‘Tornado – Ş’ security service, says Seymur Shahaliyev, whose parents were injured in the attack. According to him, everything started with the request of the security service’s officers to allow them to take Shahaliyev’s dogs without compensation.

After this conversation, three days later on the 15th of August, employees of ‘Tornado Ş’ security service returned and destroyed dog houses located on his property. As a result, the dogs and puppies were killed.

Seymur Shahaliyev says that on August 16th, employees of the security service returned and his father was beaten so badly that he is now unable to walk without the help of someone supporting him.

Kenan Jafarov, who was also injured and disabled by the attack, says that even though he is blind, he felt every blow of the attack on his body.

Seymur Shahaliyev said that even though they phoned the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ hotline, they have still not received an answer from the Ministry. He also added that the company belongs to the deputy head of the Department of the Fight Against Corruption, Ali Naghiyev. However, this information is not verifiable in official documents.

In Sabunchu District Police Station, the investigator responsible for this case stated that after speaking with those involved, a case against the employees of ‘Tornado Ş’ will be opened in which they will be accused of miscreancy and abuse of authority.

‘Tornado Ş’ informed Meydan TV correspondents that the press officer is on vacation, and that for that reason they are unable to supply answers to questions.

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