Daily News Feed – September 9th, 2016

REAL party executive secretary released from prison

Economist Natiq Jafarli was released from prison on September 9th by a decision of a Baku court. His lawyer, Javad Javadov, wrote on his personal Facebook page that: “Today at around 17 o’clock I was told to come to the courthouse, that they had examined the appeal for his release. I arrived, took Natiq…and now we’re off for coffee!” On August 12, Natiq Jafarli was summoned to the Investigative Department of the General Prosecutor on Grave Crimes, where he was accused of illegal enterprise and abuse of authority and sentenced to 4 months pretrial detention. Natiq Jafarli is the executive secretary of the REAL party of Azerbaijan.

Washington Post: It’s time for the United States to act on Azerbaijan

David J. Kramer, a senior director for human rights and democracy at the McCain Institute for International Leadership, and Richard Kauzlarich, the former US ambassador to Azerbaijan, released an article in the Washington Post which was highly critical of the Azerbaijani government, and called on Obama and the US government to take ‘definitive measures’ against Azerbaijan’s blatant human rights violations. The article calls for the lifting of a travel ban against Akram Aylisli, and mentions the arrests of Azadliq Newspaper director, Faiq Amirli, REAL movement executive secretary Natiq Jafarli and NIDA civic movement activist, Elgiz Qahraman.

Tax amnesty

To counter falling income tax revenue, the Ministry of Taxes announced a period of tax amnesty. Those who willingly come forward and declare their income will not be subject to persecution or audit, reported a ministry department head, Nijat Imanov.

Maternal death during pregnancy

“Report” news agency was informed by the general prosecutor in Aghjabedi district that a 22 year old woman, Nurlana Quliyeva, passed away during childbirth at Aghjabedi district hospital as a result of a C section. Investigations are currently under away. Just yesterday, the deputy Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, Elsever Aghayev, at a press conference on September 8th told those in attendance that in recent years, Azerbaijan’s mother and infant mortality rate has significantly decreased.

Price for Azerbaijani gas surpasses 50 dollars a barrel

Oil from different countries and of different qualities has seen large scale fluctuations in the past several days on international stock markets; on the New York NYMEX stock market, “Layt” oil is now selling for 38 cents less at 46.06 dollars a barrel. On London’s ICE market, Brent oil fell to 48,38 dollars a barrel. AZERTAC stock market reported sales of AzeriLayt oil at 50.51 dollars a barrel, 2.46 dollars higher than its former price.

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