Court of appeals dismisses request of journalist Sevinch Vaqifqizi to repeal travel ban

On the 8th of August, the Baku court of appeals dismissed the request of journalist Sevinj Vaqifqizi (Abbasova), who requested that her outstanding travel ban be lifted. 

Her lawyer, Shahla Qumbatova, informed of the court’s decision on her personal Facebook page. 

Ali Babayev, an employee of the investigative department on grave crimes of the Attorney General claimed that Sevinj Vaqifqizi is currently a witness in an ongoing case against the leadership of Meydan TV. 

Shahla Qumbatova asserts that the travel ban is unjustified and illegal. 

On the 25th of July, Nasimi district court refused to accept a suit filed by Sevinj Vaqifqizi against the investigative department of the Attorney General on grave crimes. 

Journalists Sevinj Vaqifqizi, Aytan Farhadova and Izolda Aghayev were detained in the Baku airport on the 20th of September of last year after returning to Ukraine. They were brought to the Head Department against Organized Crime. They were released on the following day. 

The reason for their detainment was not provided in written form. 

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