Chief editor of detained

Fikrət Fərəməzoğlu
Fikrət Fərəməzoğlu
Fikrət Fərəməzoğlu

Local mass media outlets have reported the arrest of chief editor of, Fikret Faramazoglu.

According to the editor’s wife, three policemen dressed in civilian clothing appeared at his home and confiscated his computer, and took him into police custody without explaining why.

Faramazoglu is allegedly being detained in the Ministry of the Interior’s Department on Organize Crime.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs was unwilling to comment on the editor’s whereabouts or status.

10 years ago, Faramazoglu was prosecuted for alleged defamatory libel against the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ramil Usubov. He was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment. At the time, he was the head editor of “24 Saat” (24 Hours).

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