Bolt Food and Wolt couriers are protesting against low wages and working conditions

Wolt and Bolt couriers. Photo: GintsIvuskans / Shutterstock

Couriers protesting the low price were reportedly fired.

After Wolt, Bolt Food couriers are protesting against costs of transportation and low wages. Workers organized themselves and shared on social networks that they plan to hold a campaign.

The call was broadcasted on a Telegram channel stating that Bolt Food couriers plan to organize a march with the slogan “We will not work until prices rise” written in their bags.

Additionally, a decision made by the workers’ movement established that they would not work on the previous day by closing the service’s mobile application.

Couriers protesting against the low payment of services are said to have been fired.

One of them, Ahmad Ahmadli, told Meydan TV that the company has blocked his account in the mobile service application without notifying him:

“I was fired on April 24. When asked why, they said that I used unethical vocabulary against employees. I asked them against whom did I not use the correct vocabulary? There is no answer. Many people were fired under this pretext”, the ex-courier explains.

On April 21, Wolt’s couriers protested on social media over low service fees.

It was noted that the company has reduced the payment from 2 to 1.60 AZR over the past two and a half years.

Tofig Suleymanov, Wolt’s marketing manager, said that on April 21 they met with a group of couriers and listened to their concerns. Based on this meeting, they will consider whether to increase wages or not.

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