“Bayram Will Speak More Harshly than Qiyas”

Bayram Məmmədov foto sosial şəbəkə
Bayram Məmmədov foto sosial şəbəkə
Bayram Məmmədov foto sosial şəbəkə
Bayram Məmmədov foto sosial şəbəkə

“He told his father that he’s waiting for Qiyas’s trial, and then will tell everything that he’s thinking. He was concerned for Qiyas, was afraid that his biting words might bring harm to Qiyas. He said, ‘Father, it’s good that Qiyas’s trial was before mine, at the trial, I’m going to tell everything’”, said

Bayram’s mother, Sevinch Mammadova


“Bayram will speak more harshly than Qiyas”

Famous and known as the “monument prisoner”, but accused of keeping and selling narcotics, Qiyas Ibrahimov was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. On November 1, Bayram Mammadov’s trial will begin. Together, Bayram and Qiyas wrote “Happy slaves’ day” on the base of a monument to former president Heydar Aliyev, but were arrested on accusations of drug offenses.

– Are the putting pressure on him in prison? Qiyas Ibrahimov said at his trial that in the

pre-trial prison

he was faced with degradation and pressure…

– No, we’re talking by phone. He didn’t tell us anything about this. Even if this is so, he won’t say anything.

– The sentence has already been pronounced for Qiyas Ibrahimov. How did you react to this sentence?

– The same as everyone else. We were very angered when we heard the sentence pronounced for Qiyas. The prosecutor asked for nine years, and they gave him 10. When I heard, I couldn’t stop the tears. For a moment, Bayram stood before my eyes. Yesterday, I couldn’t stop crying the whole day. I watched his plea a few times. Whether Bayram or this boy, there’s no difference for us. Tomorrow, Bayram might be sentenced to an even longer term. I don’t know… Qiyas is a proud boy. We were struck by his fearlessness, his bravery. It’s just sad with his youth, his education… It’d be better if this young man didn’t wind up there, since ten years is one’s whole life. How can one give such a sentence – a whole ten years? What is he guilty of? Fine, punish him, but only for what he did. We feel as if it’s Bayram that was sentenced. His father wanted to go to the court on that day, but on that same day he took a message to Bayram and didn’t manage. May Allah grant Qiyas’s mother endurance.

– What upset you the most?

– The judge’s behavior. The prosecutor asked for nine years, and we though that a people’s judge would give less. This judge won great loathing for himself. Although, what does our loathing mean to him – he’s already gotten used to it.

– What sort of a decision do you expect for Bayram?

– We know Bayram, and since yesterday we’ll only say bye-bye. Bayram will speak more harshly than Qiyas. We speak with him every day, but he’s stuck to his opinions. At the meeting we saw that after he wound up there and witnessed many injustices, he won’t back down. No matter what we might say, we couldn’t turn him from his path. Even knowing his father’s situation, he’s nevertheless severe. He told his father that he’ll say everything that he thinks after Qiyas’s trial. He was afraid that his biting words might bring harm to Qiyas. He said, “Father, it’s good that Qiyas’s trial was before mine, at the trial, I’m going to tell everything I’m thinking”.

– Ms. Sevinj, does your spouse have problems with his health?

– A few years ago he suffered a stroke. Bayram’s father always tells him “I only ask that Allah give me the strength to wait for your release. I don’t know if I can make it or not”. This life is all in the hands of Allah. May Allah help them both. After all, they know what they did. And when they did it, they probably know what awaited them.

– What do you think of the fact that Qiyas Ibrahimov’s mother, Ms. Sara, took the sentence so calmly?

– I understand this woman very well. This is not an easy thing. Your son was sentenced to such a prison term, and you… She simply displayed her dignity. I like her, she didn’t allow herself to be humiliated. However difficult it might be on the inside, she could maintain her dignity. She tried not to show grief and sadness in the eyes of those close to her. She smiled, as it should be. And then she was a support for her son, showed him that she stands behind him. This was a very beautiful action. She kept a lid on everything inside her. She conducted herself admirably when she gave the interview. And she said her piece. To Anwar Seidov and to each and every one of them…


Qiyas Ibrahimov and Bayram Mammadov were arrested on May 10 after writing the slogans “Happy slaves’ day!” and “Fuck the system!” on a monument to Heydar Aliyev.

During the investigation they were subjected to torture and the police demanded they make apologies.

The young men maintain that after this, 1 kg of so-called heroine was discovered in each of their homes. Charges were brought against them on the basis of article 234 (unlawful storage, transport and sale of narcotics).

On October 25 a Baku court sentenced Qiyas Ibrahimov to ten years in prison for serious crimes.

Both the young people do not agree with the accusations, maintaining that their testimony was given under torture.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ombudsman’s Office deny that the two young men were tortured.

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