Azerbaijan welcomes spring, celebrates ‘cold’ Novruz in 2022 – photo report

Sevgi Ismailbeyli

Image: JAMNews

This article originally appeared on JAMNews on 19 March 2022.

Unlike the previous two years, this year Azerbaijan celebrates Novruz without quarantine restrictions. There are more people on the streets, but many have gotten discouraged by the weather – it is unusually cold in Baku for this time of year.

Shortly before the holiday, many restrictions have been lifted in Azerbaijan due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the mandatory Covid passport and the mask regime in enclosed spaces and transport, there are no restrictive measures left in the country.

But the unusually cold weather and frequent rains do not allow the residents of Baku to enjoy the Novruz holiday to the fullest. The days from 19 – 27 March have been declared non-working throughout Azerbaijan.

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