Azerbaijan leaves Euronest

The National Assembly of Azerbaijan, known as Milli Majlis, today adopted a resolution ending Azerbaijan’s participation in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, an inter-parliamentary forum established as a component of the Eastern Partnership.

Majlis held a special meeting today in response to the European Parliament’s resolution, passed on September 10, which called for considering targeted sanctions against Azerbaijan for violating human rights. The resolution condemned the “unprecedented repression against civil society in Azerbaijan.”

The document passed by the Majlis stated that the European Parliament’s resolution was “biased” against Azerbaijan and threatened to bar European lawmakers from entering Azerbaijan if sanctions are passed.  

“Azerbaijan is being slandered. Efforts are being made to damage its reputation and to isolate Azerbaijan,” the text read. “Since last September when this organization started its work with its new members, the establishment of any dialogue between Azerbaijan and the European Parliament has been impossible because of some of the members, including the Chair. Visits of members as well as the Chair of the European Parliament to Azerbaijan were unofficially banned.”

Furthermore, the document stated that demands to release people named in the resolution do not have any legal basis and constitute an intervention into the work of Azerbaijani courts. The text also pointed to the problems of immigration, "racism and xenophobia" in Europe, alleging that "international legal norms have been violated."

“In all of its resolutions, the European Parliament pretends to refer to the decisions made by the European courts.  However, some time ago that very European Court came up with a decision about the Chiragovs, which has not been executed until this day. They are trying to sow suspicion about the results of the upcoming elections in Azerbaijan in advance, which is against the will of Azerbaijani voters. Milli Majlis brings to the attention of the European Parliament that it will always protect human rights and freedoms and will always rely on democratic principles,” according to the text.

Per the document, the Majlis agreed to the following:
- End with destructive activities and biased campaigns against Azerbaijan;

- Prevent activity that damages the reputation of the European Parliament;

- End participation of the Azerbaijani delegation in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly and stop its work;

- Order to the Cabinet of Ministers to ban entrance of members of the European Parliament to Azerbaijan in case sanctions are applied on Azerbaijani officials

The decision was adopted through voting.


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