Azadliq bureau officially shut down

On May 6, 2015, Radio Azadliq handed over their office at Caspian Plaza after almost 10 years due to termination of the lease term,

reported. The leadership of the business center ended the lease and requested that the radio staff leave the office.

Investigators from Azerbaijan’s state prosecutor office, accompanied by armed police officers, raided and searched the Azadliq bureau on December 26, 2014. Staff members were summoned for questioning, and their computers and documents were confiscated. The investigation accused Azadliq of financial violations.

According to

Turan New Agency

, the prosecutor has not returned the confiscated stuff, computers and documents since the raid. Rights activists and radio journalists maintain that the crackdown on the radio station had to do with the investigative journalism of Khadija Ismayilova who exposed corruption with Azerbaijan’s ruling family.

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