At least dozens of cotton workers poisoned in Imishli

On 19 June, dozens of cotton workers in the Imishli region of Azerbaijan were poisoned by pesticides in the fields.

Reports vary as to how many cotton workers have been affected. This morning Jasur Pashayev, chief physician at the Imishli regional hospital, told APA that 35 people had come for medical attention. "A lot of them came to us in a panic, just out of fear that they might be poisoned," Pashayev told the news agency. "Now most of them have been sent home. A few patients are currently hospitalized. None of them showed signs of serious poisoning."

At 1:30 pm local time, wrote that 80 people had been poisoned and that an unspecified number of them had been hospitalized.

Well-known human rights activist, Ogtay Gulaliyev, claims to have received reports of 300 affected people.

"The number of people poisoned in the cotton fields has reached 300," Gulaliyev wrote on Facebook. "Due to overcrowding, most of them are receiving first aid in the hospital courtyard. There aren't enough doctors. All the doctors in the region have been mobilized to treat the patients. About 10 people in very serious condition have been put on life support."

This is the third mass poisoning of cotton workers due to pesticides this month. On 10 June, 24 people were poisoned in the cotton fields in the Saatli region. Four of them are being treated at the Baku Toxicology Center in serious condition, and 18 reportedly remain hospitalized in regional facilities.

On 16 June, 16 cotton workers were poisoned in the Tartar region of Azerbaijan. Five of them remain hospitalized.

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