Arrested party chairman has started a hunger strike

Photo: From the archive of CDP chairman, Ali Aliyev.

Ali Aliyev protests against his closed trial.

Ali Aliyev, chairman of the Citizen and Development Party (CDP), has started a hunger strike because it was announced that his trial will be held behind closed doors.

Aliyev is arrested due to a lawsuit filed by Ramiz Goyushov, former chairman of a district branch of the ruling political party New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), who accuses him of defamation.

At a court hearing in the Yasamal District Court on June 7, Ali Aliyev’s lawyers protested in writing to the judge. They claimed that the lawsuit did not meet the requirements of the law regarding procedure rules for a fair trial since it was not specified how nor when Aliyev insulted Goyushov. However, this argument was not accepted.

On the other hand, Ramiz Goyushov demanded that the trial be held behind closed doors, arguing that issues related to his personal life would be discussed in the process. This request was granted by the judge.

As a protest to show his dissatisfaction with the trial, Ali Aliyev started a hunger strike on June 7.

The CDP chairman has been in custody since January 13. He was arrested on the claim of two people who allegedly survived a helicopter belonging to the State Border Service (SBS) that crashed on November 30, 2021. Commenting on the incident on one of the Internet TV channels, Aliyev said that he did not believe that the two people who were presented on TV as survivors of the helicopter and were interviewed were actually there at the time of the incident.

Later, on the basis of Ramiz Goyushov’s claim, Aliyev was found guilty again. He was sentenced to six months in prison, added to his previous sentence.

Ali Aliyev pleads not guilty and considers his arrest a political order and a continuation of pressure on his work as an opposition leader. He told the court that he had been warned in advance that he would be arrested if he did not remain silent. 

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