Another Activist Arrested in Baku

Co-founder of “Akhin” movement and former member of N!DA Youth Movement Omar Mammadov might be facing five to 12 years.

Co-founder of “Akhin” movement, blogger Omar Mammadov was arrested yesterday. Mammadov’s whereabouts were unknown for a day before the authorities notified his family. According to members of N!DA Mammadov was charged with 234.4.3 article of the Criminal Code. While the article covers illegal purchase and/or storage and/or selling, manufacturing, processing, transportation, transfer of narcotics or psychotropic substances in large amounts, it is unknown which charges in particular apply to Mammadov’s case. The punishment specified in the article is five to 12 years. He received three months of pretrial detention and taken to the detention facility in Shuvelan district of Baku.

Mammadov is said to study in Northern Cyprus. He is a member of Civil Solidarity Party and a former member of N!DA Civil Movement. Currently, seven leaders of N!DA are detained on various charges, that include drug and firearm possession.

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