Aliyev met with Special Envoy of US State Department


On July 11, 2015 President Ilham Aliyev met with Amos Hockstein, Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs at the US Department of State, reports.

According to, during the meeting they discussed the energy security and the role of Azerbaijan and the US in the Southern Gas Corridor partnership, as well as Azerbaijani gas supply to Europe.



Speaking about the Southern Gas Corridor, Hokstein said: “The US provides diplomatic and strategic support to the project. Some countries would like to see the project fail and some countries support the ideas of other pipelines and projects. I believe that the project of the Southern Gas Corridor implemented by Azerbaijan will really safeguard energy safety of Europe.  Therefore, the US government will continue supporting this project at all the levels as the main project ensuring energy safety of Europe.

Hochstein emphasized that the U.S. provides diplomatic and strategic support to the Southern Gas Corridor project

Noteworthy, earlier Azerbaijan denied visits to Thomas Melia and Tom Malionowski, Deputy Assistants to the Secretary of State engaged in human rights and democracy.

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