Action in Berlin: “Let’s stand in solidarity for the freedom of political prisoners arrested in Azerbaijan”

Photo: Meydan TV

This time, DAS held an action in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany

The DAS (Elect Democratic Azerbaijan) organization held a protest in Berlin called “Let’s stand together for the freedom of Emin Malikov and other political prisoners who were deported from Germany and imprisoned in Azerbaijan.”  

The action took place on June 16 in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany.

According to the information given by DAS member Amrah Verdizade to Meydan TV, their goal is to draw the attention of the world community to the illegalities taking place in Azerbaijan.

“The existence of an authoritarian and family regime (Aliyev family) in Azerbaijan is known to everyone. For years now, the reports of international organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, etc.) state that political pressures are being carried out against political activists and civil society assets,” said the DAS activist at the rally. According to him, the reports repeatedly emphasize that there are approximately 150 political prisoners in Azerbaijan, and in some years even more.

Vugar Aliyev, another organizer of the rally, and a member of the DAS organization said that they have repeatedly addressed international organizations regarding Mutallim Orujov, Malik Rzayev, Samir Ashurov, Punhan Karimli, Jafar Mirzayev, and Ziya Ibraimov, who were deported from Europe to Azerbaijan and were arrested and tortured there. Many of them have already been sentenced to prison. Specifically, Mütallim Orujov and Malik Rzayev were sentenced to 7 years each, and Jafar Mirzayev and Punhan Karimli were sentenced to 6 years imprisonment each.

“Everybody knows that each of the mentioned persons was arrested for their political activities in Germany. In addition, the trial of Samir Ashurov and Anar Aliyev, who have been deported from Germany, is being held. Both people were arrested because of their political position and activity,” Vugar Aliyev said while speaking at the rally.

He gave information about Emin Malikov, a member of the DAS organization, who was deported from Germany in July 2022 and arrested in Azerbaijan. Malikov lived in Germany, in the state of Bavaria from 2019-2022, his request for political asylum was rejected and he was deported directly to Azerbaijan from the hospital:

“Emin Malikov is in a very serious condition from months of torture and his life is in danger. According to the given information, Emin Malikov’s mental state is also not in the right place. Currently, it is not possible to transfer the Penitentiary Service to Medical institutions. Emin Malikov does not have a lawyer who protects his rights, and at the same time, due to political pressure, his close relatives are not interested.”

“According to the information we received from the few human rights organizations operating in Azerbaijan, Emin Malikov was severely tortured both at the investigative department of the State Security Service, at the investigative departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and at the Temporary Detention Centers,” the action emphasized.

Rahib Bakhtiyarov, a member of the DAS organization, voiced the demands of the rally participants at the end of the action, and the appeal was submitted to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the representative office of the “Amnesty International” organization in Germany.

The petition reads:

“For the immediate release of Emin Malikov and other political prisoners, the government of Azerbaijan should be requested to: stop the false criminal case opened against Emin Malikov; Emin Malikov should be provided with immediate treatment; “All immigrant prisoners who were deported from Germany to Azerbaijan and imprisoned there by political order should be released.”

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