A tar maker’s dream of returning to Shusha

 Shahin Mahmud oglu Salmanov was born in Shusha in 1945. He began to build musical instruments and especially the tar from the young age of 15. However, after the occupation of Shusha, he was forced to move with his family as a refugee to Terter, and later found residence in Baku.

In Shusha, he says, the music of the tar was far more appreciated. The demand for his expertise was such that he would make 10 – 15 tars per day. Over time, however, life as a refugee, old age and illness have worn him down. He no longer feels capable of producing in the same capacity, and mostly devotes his energy to making minor repairs and decorations.

He also pointed to the growing number of tar craftsmen in Baku as a reason for his lack of involvement in the craft.  He says that he is even unable to sell tars made years ago: “I sell my tars for 100 – 200 manat while in other places they sell them for more than 700 – 800. But what’s the use? I see no profit from it.”

Shahin usta says that when Shusha will be liberated, he’ll give alms of 100 manat: “My mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s graves are all located in Shusha. I want to believe that one day I’ll be able to see the city of my youth.”

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